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10 Best Cashback Sites and Apps (2023 List)

10 Best Cashback Sites and Apps (2023 List)

Cashback sites make money by directing customers to retailers such asAmazon. Once a customer makes a purchase, cashback sites receive referral income from Amazon. This income is immediately transferred to the customer.

Of course, don’t expect a “free lunch” in this situation. Cashback sites keep a small percentage of your referral income or Place an adWhich earns them some money. But this is completely fair, because without cashback sites you will not be able to save a single penny.

    1. Swagbucks

    swag pax It has already paid out more than $846 million to its members. Purchasing through Swagbucks earns you SB instead of Euros, but SBs can be redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards or Transferred to your PayPal.

    The best strategy is to redeem SBs for Amazon Gift Cards, you get 12% more value compared to cashing out. In addition to Cashback, Swagbucks offers grocery coupons.

    2. Aggravation

    it’s you Shop online or in the store, seduction It allows you to earn gift cards from major retailers like Amazon.

    There are 4 easy ways to win with Agral:

    • Enter the selected partner stores
    • Scan product barcodes
    • Purchase with a linked card
    • Shop online

    3. Fabolius

    Fabolius It is another legitimate cashback site. Fabuleos was established in 2008. They specialize in cashback.

    They have a minimum transfer amount of €20. For being one of the oldest cashback sites, it is definitely worth mentioning.


    ApoWeclub It works similarly to other popular cashback sites. A big advantage is the live chat support. If you encounter any problems, they will try to fix it right away. They also have a large number of retailers

    5. Octopus

    octopus It is a shopping rewards site where you can get cashback offers from online stores. You have the option to register with an email address or social media account.

    After signing up, you can choose from a range of stores and request cashback. Then you can complete the purchase on the store’s website.

    Cashback percentages vary by store, with most offering between 6-10% cashback. Poulpeo is a partner of more than 1,600 stores. The platform pays money by bank payment.

    6. Jaden

    Jaden is another thumbs up Survey site And cashback that allows you to automatically get an average of 1 to 5% cashback.

    Using Gaddin is simple: just go to the site, take surveys or shop online and automatically get cash back on your regular purchases.

    Once your earnings reach the minimum threshold, you can transfer the money to your PayPal account.

    7. Ibota

    Ibotta It has already paid out more than $1.2 billion to its members. It works in the same way as other cashback sites, but offers the option to pay directly with Ibotta. The main advantage is that you can get cashback instantly from the Ibotta app.

    You can also link your favorite retailers’ loyalty accounts in the app to make the process easier. For offline purchases, choose a retailer, add the products you want to buy and go straight to the store. You do not need to print coupons before purchasing.

    Linking a credit or debit card is another way to automate the cashback process. You can even get double cashback if you use the offline shopping offer, pay with double Ibotta credit/debit card, and submit a photo of your receipt.

    but that is not all. If you enable location alerts, the Ibotta app will notify you when you are near a store with offers.

    8. Drop

    He falls It allows you to effortlessly earn cashback points on every purchase you make.

    Here’s how to start making money with Drop:

    • level 1 : Download the app (on Android and iOS) and link your card during registration.
    • The second step: Choose 5 brands that you buy most often. Drop offers the most popular brands.
    • Step 3: Shop and earn points automatically.
    • The fourth step: Redeem your Drop Points for gift cards from Amazon, Netflix, Starbucks, and more.

    9- Honey

    honey It is another great cashback site that partners with many retailers to give you deals on your online purchases.

    Using honey is easy:

    • Join Honey for free
    • Activate the Honey extension on your favorite browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge.
    • Shop online. The extension appears when it finds an offer on the website you’re shopping at and tells you how to claim it.

    10. Offers to take over

    Presenter It is a caring community where people share their good deals. It is a great site that helps you find the best prices and discount codes for all kinds of products.

    What is cashback?

    A percentage of your purchase is returned to you when you make an online purchase.

    Cashback is usually compared to using a coupon. In the event that a promotional code is applied just before the purchase, you lower the price and thus pay less. With Cashback, you pay more up front, but get the money back to spend later.

    • Example of cashback: 10% cashback Buying 10 socks on Amazon will cost you €10, but you’ll get €1 back in points or cash. So the total cost is 9 euros.
    • Coupon example: A 10% coupon for the purchase of 10 socks on Amazon will cost you 9 €.

    As you can see, the 10% Cashback is the same savings value as the 10% Coupon.

    How do you maximize your rewards?

    Make sure to use all offers offered by cashback sites. Most of them offer the following options:

    • Signup Bonus – Claim 5-20 euros when registering on cashback sites.
    • refer friends – Claim an additional €5-10 when your friends sign up with your referral.
    • special offers – Check cashback sites frequently so you don’t miss special offers.

    How do cashback sites make money?

    Cashback sites are affiliate merchants of the brands they advertise. This means that the brand pays the site a small commission when you buy something through the cashback site.

    So, it doesn’t cost you anything extra. In fact, you probably do Memorizes or Earn money using cashback sites.

    How much cashback can users expect to get in a year?

    Each user earns a different amount of cashback per year. It depends on how often you shop and how much you spend. Although you shouldn’t plan for it to get rich Thanks to cashback sites, they can earn Interesting additional income.


    You’re going shopping anyway, even if it’s just for the essentials.

    if you like Earn some extra money While you’re shopping, try using one (or more) of the above sites to get a refund on your purchases.

    After all, why not take advantage of the free money? The cashback sites mentioned here offer ways to earn cash back in-store and online.

    Many of them offer ways to earn cash back without spending a dime. These sites make it easy for you to put free money in your pocket.

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