How much do financial advisors cost?

How much do financial advisors cost?

Financial advisor fees can range from a small percentage of your portfolio to several thousand dollars annually, depending on the type of services you need and the amount you plan to invest.

alternately, Robo-advisors It is a cheaper option Automate your investments Using an algorithm, based on your risk profile.

The cost of a financial advisor varies depending on a number of factors, including the amount you invest and the type of financial advisor you choose to work with.

Below is a breakdown of what you can expect to pay when you do so Work with a financial advisorand what to look for when shopping for one.

What are the services provided by financial advisors?

traditional financial advisors

A traditional financial advisor is a person authorized to provide investment advice. Some financial advisors are certified financial planners, which is one of the highest levels of certification for financial planners.

A financial planner or advisor provides a variety of services, including:

  • Retirement planning
  • Tax planning
  • Savings for college
  • Wealth planning
  • Budgeting and debt repayment

Many financial planners specialize in specific areas. For example, some prefer to work with young families, while others help People in transition to retirement.

A financial planner can answer most of your money-related questions, or at least be able to direct you to the appropriate resource. It can also create specific plans based on your goals.

Most financial planners can also physically manage your investments for you, choosing where to invest and How to diversify your portfolio.

They can then support these investments or give you a road map to follow on your own. Financial planners may be employed by a large corporation or work on their own in private practice.

The best type of financial planners will have a fiduciary duty. A fiduciary duty is a legal responsibility to recommend only the best products and investments available, rather than products and investments that may earn the financial planner a higher commission. Before choosing a financial planner, make sure they are honest.

Android advisors

Instead of human recommendations, a bot advisor uses algorithms to decide how to invest. When you open an account with an automated advisor, the system will ask you a series of basic questions about your age, income, family size, and desired retirement age. You will also need to provide a list of your current assets and liabilities.

It will then use this information to determine where and how much you should invest. You can set up automatic transfers from your bank account to the robo-adviser, who will invest that money on your behalf.

Robo-advisors charge less than personal financial planners, so it may be easier to get started. If you cannot afford the high fees associated with a personal financial planner, an automated advisor may be a better option.

Some robo advisors may also provide access to qualified financial planners so you can ask specific questions and get a human, personalized response. for example, my small investment This type of service is provided free of charge. They only take their commission if you profit from it.

How much do financial advisors cost?

Individual financial planners

Personal financial planners can charge for their services in several different ways. Here are the most common types of fees you’ll see:

Properties under management supervision

If you want a financial planner to personally guide your investments, you pay them a fee on an asset-managed (ASG) basis. The average fee for this service is 1% of the assets under management. For example, if you have an investment portfolio of €200,000, you will pay €2,000 annually.

Clients who are not comfortable managing their money may prefer this ASG model. However, it may be cheaper to learn how to manage your investments on your own. You can hire a financial planner to create an investment plan for you, but you can also learn the ins and outs of moving that money on your own.


Many financial planners, especially those with a fiduciary duty, bill their clients on an hourly basis. The average hourly rate is between 150 and 300 euros.

When you meet with a financial planner on an hourly basis, you are billed for the total number of hours you spend with them.

Some may have a minimum hour that you must meet in each session, such as two hours. You may receive free or limited email support after the meeting, depending on the schedule.

Fixed exchange rate

Some planners offer a savings model where you can pay a flat fee and get a limited amount of advice and advice. If you don’t use their services, you generally can’t carry over that period to the next year.

The retainer cost of a financial planner often ranges between $2,000 and $7,500 per year.

On the basis of the project

Clients often hire financial planners to help them create a comprehensive financial plan that includes recommendations for places to invest and the quantities to save.

If you have access to an employer-sponsored retirement account, they may be able to assess the funds available in that plan and recommend investment strategy.

The typical cost for a project or plan is between €2,500 and €3,000. This amount generally does not include implementation of plan recommendations, which is the responsibility of the client.


Some financial advisors get paid when you purchase a recommended product. Advisers who operate on commission will recommend investment products with an entry fee, which can range between 3 and 6%.

Although commission financial advisors may seem like the cheapest option at first, they often do not recommend the best products for you. They can suggest investments with higher commission fees, even if there are better options available.

Annual fees

Some planners choose to charge a flat annual fee for investment management services rather than charging a fee based on the assets under management.

For wealthy clients, this fee may be more beneficial than paying on an AUM basis. However, you will still be paying between $1,000 and $5,000 annually, on average.

Android advisors

Most robo-advisors charge an annual fee, which is calculated as a percentage of your invested assets. This fee varies by bot advisor, but is generally between 0.15% and 0.30%.


You can expect to pay between $1,000 and $7,500 (or more) annually for the services of a financial planner. The exact fee will depend on how you want to receive advice, how much money you have invested, and the type of financial scheme you choose.

But if you are comfortable managing your investments on your own, you can to save money Avoid the costs associated with hiring a professional.

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