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Folding Home – Too Good To Be Real?

Folding at home - too good to be true

to many, Work from home is a dream. Hence the appeal of home filler jobs.

You can choose your own working hours when it suits you. For busy moms, that might mean the days of the week when the kids are at school.

The listing work doesn’t seem difficult either. It’s easy to imagine stuffing envelopes from home while watching TV, for example.

This could mean that you can imagine yourself putting in a lot of hours, as these filler jobs can be done from home in the evenings as well as during the day.

Many have seen these jobs advertised for insiders or stuffers – either because you saw an advertisement for them or because you specifically searched the Internet for “free inside agent in France” or a similar search term.

Sometimes people remember their parents, or others among their friends and family, stuffing home envelopes for money.

In fact, in previous decades, there were real jobs for stay-at-home parents or other adults who did just that.

What about today ? Can you still find these jobs from home in France, doing stuffing or packing?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.

These days, stuffing jobs from home is not a good idea. In fact, scammers no longer offer them.

Read on to find out why people can’t make money working from home in France.

    Why are home folding jobs considered a scam?

    House stuffing jobs are not real jobs, and they won’t make you any money, quite the opposite.

    They are more likely to cause you to lose money, while filling the pockets of scammers who post these bogus opportunities online.

    House stuffing jobs will never earn you a dime. Scammers make money by asking interested people to pay a registration fee.

    They make you dangle Simple way to earn a lot of moneyWhere and when suits you.

    Scammers give seemingly legitimate reasons. They will say that the money you pay upfront is used for administrative or training costs, or to buy the kit you need to get started.

    Once these fees are paid by the people who fall for the scam, several things can happen.

    Envelope stuffing at home jobs

    Let’s say you are offered this type of work from home, packing envelopes. Once you pay the required membership fee, one possible scenario is that you will never hear from this so-called company again.

    impossible. Any attempt to contact them through their website, email or even mail will be futile.

    The scam may go on a little longer, and it’s still trying very hard at this point to give the impression that it’s real.

    After all, you can tell your friends about it at any time and offer to meet for coffee to do work once they sign up too.

    So he might be sent a job to do. You do this to the best of your ability, making sure to do a good job. Does not matter.

    Even if you do a very good job, the fake community will reject it. If you have other contacts, they will simply tell you that your work is unacceptable.

    You won’t get a penny, either for your work or for postage reimbursement or prepaid fees. The work you put into stuffing envelopes from home will be a waste of time.

    Meanwhile, the scammers are running off with the money you’ve already invested in what you thought was an exciting and flexible work from home opportunity.

    House card packaging jobs

    Another similar type of job that you might come across is being sold as a home job to put greeting cards in envelopes.

    Again, these are scams.

    Why would companies pay people to put cards and envelopes together when machines can do the job more efficiently?

    Also consider how to sell greeting cards. Most often, the display consists of a stack of cards on the front, with a set of matching envelopes on the back, so shoppers can simply choose one from each.

    This method is cost effective, fast and does not cause any inconvenience to the buyer. So why pay someone to put the two pieces together?

    Free starter kits

    Sometimes scammers try to lure you in by promising to provide you with a toolkit for free. However, you won’t make money packing envelopes at home.

    In order to get the free combo they mentioned, you will no doubt be required to pay an amount up front.

    It could be some kind of work from a home directory or a list or directory that you will be told is needed. Don’t fall into the trap: paying for something like this won’t let you do that Earn extra money By stuffing envelopes from home.

    Your money will only end up in the pockets of scammers.

    Why would you pay to pack envelopes at home?

    think about it. In the increasingly automated world we live in, why would someone pay you to fill an envelope, wrap flyers, or collect cards?

    When factory machines can do faster, cheaper, and more consistent work, why pay people to do this kind of work?

    The answer is simple: we won’t. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not there to help you find work. They want your money.

    Why are envelope packing jobs advertised from home?

    Why do you see companies offering home filler jobs for money? It does not provide you an easy way to earn money.

    It is more about lining the pockets of scammers, who will keep your money without giving you real paying work.

    Unfortunately, we often have to repeat a well-known saying. If something seems too good to be true, beware. Because it will already be.

    How to spot a fraudulent website

    So how do you know if the site you’re on offering to work from home by stuffing envelopes is really a fake?

    First of all, any reputable company should have a secure website. This means that the long address must begin with If it only begins with http – without the ‘S’ – it is most likely a scam site.

    Second, is there an attractive advertisement offering attractive hourly rates for home work in binders, flyers or cards? Does this pay rate really sound realistic, especially for such an easy job?

    Third, does a message appear warning you that the site you are on may harm your computer? Any site displaying this message should be avoided.

    This usually means that Google Or another search engine has flagged the site as unsafe and potentially dangerous.

    Are there real folder insert functions?

    The short answer to this question is, unfortunately, no. Why do people get paid to lamination flyers, match cards and envelopes, or fill envelopes when machines can do it faster and cheaper?

    How do scammers make money from these ads?

    As we explained above, scammers ask people interested in the advertised “work” to pay an advance. This amount will be presented as training or management costs, or as the purchase of a necessary guide, manual or list. Once paid, the money will be kept and the person will never be paid. Although she has already done some work.

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