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8 ways to earn extra money and fight inflation

8 ways to earn extra money and fight inflation

If you’re like most people in France, it’s been a while since you saw prices go up and felt a ache in your heart.

Fortunately, you can do something: There are several ways to increase your income Based on Take back control of your money. Want to know more?

Read on to discover 8 great ways to earn extra money to fight inflation.

    1. Get a bonus for a new bank account

    Did you know that some banks will charge you €20 to open an account?

    You can get a bonus of 20 euros from MaFrenchBank. These are just a few of the major banks – other banks sometimes offer more.

    Here’s how:

    See how easy it is?

    2. Get free shares from these brokers

    Many brokers give you free shares just for downloading their app and opening an account.

    You can get more shares if you deposit money, sometimes as small as 1€. You can do all of this and get loads of free action!

    • dejero : Gives you a free share when you open an account – it can be worth up to €100 per share! The account has no minimum balance or maintenance fees, so the procedure is literally free.
    • Coinsmart : also offers an interesting promotion. Open a Coinsmart account and get a €20 bonus bitcoin.

    3. Respond to online surveys

    Respond to paid surveys It is one of the easiest ways Earn money. basic.

    All you have to do is participate in market research by sharing your personal experiences, views and opinions on topics such as your shopping habits and your favorite movies.

    Most surveys only earn a few cents, so you have to fill out a lot Earn a reasonable income. But don’t be discouraged. Unlike other options we’ve covered, anyone can participate in this type of activity, no matter where they are.

    Sign up for survey sites like mix up And maximiles And you can start Earn money instantly.

    4. Be the person responsible for delivering meals

    The informal economy is a source of income To many workers in France today. And this is not surprising. Although these functions are not safe or secure with a good salary Of permanent jobs, they are often spread out and easily accessible, regardless of your age, experience, or career path.

    Meal delivery is a great example.

    Subscribe to a service like Deliveroo And you can start delivering Ecuador orders today. Vous aurez le control total de votre emploi du temps et, si vous livez dans une region où il ya beaucoup de restaurants populaires, vous pourrez gagner un revu d’appoint important avec un minimum d’effort (surtout si vous conduisez au lieu de ride bicycle !).

    5. Sell unwanted items

    You probably have a lot of “stuff” to sell! So dig in and start backtracking. Scour bedrooms, basements, garages, attics, sheds, and couch depths to find anything you no longer want, use, or need.

    If it’s electronics, consider selling it on a site like Easy Cash. They can help you find the best price for your old cell phones, tablets and even computers.

    If you are looking to sell jewelry, one of the best websites is Chiller. You can sign up for free and only pay when a sale happens.

    Remember: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Children’s clothing, sporting goods, and old computer games may be worth more than you think.

    6. Rent your room(s)

    how much do you have ? More importantly, are any of them empty? Or could you convert another part of the house into an extra bedroom? If so, you have a new opportunity to make money.

    Anyone who doesn’t mind Share your living space Long term tenant can be found and rent charged. You can also use a service like Airbnb To attract a steady stream of paying hosts. Both strategies require sacrifice, but the effort can pay off, especially if you live in a desirable location.

    7. Rent your car (your car)

    Your home is not the only asset you can use Generate additional income. Services like Get it down And Yes, because You are also allowed to rent your car. If you don’t need 24/7 access to your car, this is a very easy way to increase your bank balance. But there is one thing to think about:

    Do you really need those cute wheels?

    Imagine the financial difference you would make if you had nothing to worry about Monthly loan installments.

    Best of all, quality used cars sell very well, so finding a buyer shouldn’t be difficult.

    In the end, you will have a good amount of money to help you pay your bills and you can exchange your old car for a cheaper and more economical one. Of course, if you find a car that you can buy outright, you will lose the entire loan payment…

    8. Drive for ride-sharing services

    Don’t want to lend your car to strangers? Don’t worry. ride-sharing services, egUberis another great way for regular people to make money from their car – provided it meets certain criteria.

    This is also one of the reasons why you should not reduce your whip. Uber, for example, requires that your vehicle have four doors, be 15 years old or younger, have no cosmetic damage, no missing parts, and are unmarked. You must also have appropriate insurance, which is not always provided as standard by the ride-sharing company.

    If you tick these boxes, you’ll be able to register, log in, and (after a short training program) go to work, and make a good living as you go. You decide your own hours, but we recommend driving when demand is highest to make more money.

    Fight inflation and earn money today

    Increased rate of inflation In France, countless people are under extraordinary financial stress. Moreover, if current trends are to be believed, the situation could only get worse.

    Don’t despair though! As we have seen, there are many ways to increase income and thus reduce financial stress. Try any (or all) of the options above and you’ll quickly understand what we mean.

    Are you looking for other ways to increase your income? Check out this list of 26 passive income ideas.

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