20 questions asked by your customers if you allow them

20 questions asked by your customers if you allow them

Do you know what questions your customers will ask if you give them permission to ask?

Your business exists because of your customers. Anything else wouldn’t make sense to you and your business. It is therefore important to communicate with your customers and give them full permission to ask you all the questions they want.

If you allow your customers to ask you any kind of questions related to your business, the value you provide to them, or even things that have nothing to do with your business, you and your business will get a lot of useful ideas ready to be implemented for future improvements.

So why don’t you give your customers that kind of permission?

I have often seen entrepreneurs shy away from responsibilities and undesirable matters for the sole purpose of hiding their own weaknesses. But why ? What will you get if you don’t remove all your weaknesses?

Your job as an entrepreneur is to find all the possible weaknesses in your business and do everything you can to eliminate them or make the weaknesses your greatest strength.

Here I want to share 20 questions that can be asked by customers.

1. What do you do that is different from other companies, your competitors?

2. Do you think you can’t offer me better value for money?

3. Can you explain your value to me in less than 5 minutes?

4. Why do you think you already have what I really need and want from you? Can you prove it?

5. How can I believe that you are the best fit for me?

6. Do you really need those morons who work for you and try to sell your “shit” to me?

7. Can you ship me your value as soon as possible?

8. Why can’t you send me the value tomorrow?

9. Why do I have to pay extra for shipping?

10. Why are your products late?

11. Why can’t I find you on today’s other “normal” communication tools?

12. Why doesn’t anyone from your company respond to my comments on social media, emails and phone calls?

13. Why isn’t your warranty longer and better?

14. Why can’t I easily order your products and services?

15. Do I really have to go through all these steps just to place an order with you?

16. Why are you still not improving your products and services after several years?

17. Why don’t you have new products and services for me?

18. Do you know what I really expect from your company?

19. Do you really think your business is the best for me and why?

20. Why don’t you speak in my own language, so that I can understand you and your offer?

As you can see, these questions are only part of what your customers may have in mind to ask you, but the list is not definitive. These are the most frequently asked questions that I want to share with you here.

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