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15 weird things people do to be thrifty

15 weird things people do to be thrifty

We live in tough economic times where every penny we earn counts. So it is reasonable to do everything we can to save money. Some of the most important efforts include reducing unnecessary luxury purchases, eating in instead of out, and buying generic brand products.

However, some people go the extra mile to make their money work. For example, a frugal person starts an online conversation by saying, “What are you doing that’s frugal, but other people might find weird? Money is scarce!” Here are some of the best answers given.

    1. Save vegetable scraps

    The top-rated answer is from someone who said they keep all their cut vegetables organic, like the ends and the skin. This person keeps them in a bag in the freezer. Once the bag is filled to the brim, you use it to make vegetable broth. The savings are minimal, but savings nonetheless.

    Many people responded that they do, while others agreed that it was a great idea and said they plan to do the same. Some have even suggested other uses for chopping vegetables, such as worm farm food or coloring eggs at Easter.

    2. Pick up the socks

    It’s common to wear bigger, more expensive clothes when they’re damaged, but when our socks have holes in them, we throw them away. However, one person replied that they took back their ripped socks to avoid constantly buying new ones.

    Others responded in different ways: some said they were doing the same thing, others thanked the author of the original post for giving them the idea, some admitted they didn’t know how to darn, and others gave tips on how to do it.

    3. Stock up on tissues and handkerchiefs

    One participant said they keep napkins and handkerchiefs from bathrooms and restaurants, which limits the amount they have to buy more traditionally than in stores.

    Several others admitted to doing the same: one said he had a car full of napkins, and others admitted to taking other items from restaurants, such as paper coasters and bags of condiments.

    4. Do not use paper products

    Unlike the aforementioned person who saves on tissue paper and napkins, another frugal person said he doesn’t use paper products. Refuse to use paper towels, tissues, and cleaning wipes. Instead, she washes rags of old clothes and handkerchiefs and uses them.

    This question has received some positive comments, but they have not been answered. We think this is a great idea, but replacing the paper can be tricky in some situations. Nobody uses rags after using the toilet, for example.

    5. Use up the last drop of lotions, shampoos, etc.

    When we use products like shampoos, conditioners, and lotions, it is normal to throw them away with some of the products still inside. Mainly because it’s hard to get everything out. One netizen in the thread mentioned that he opened the containers of these products and used a spoon to squeeze everything out, to avoid any waste.

    6. The “one in, one out” rule for clothing

    One person admitted to applying the “one in, one out” rule to her clothing. She added that this rule prevents her from buying new clothes unnecessarily because of their attachment to her wardrobe.

    Respondents’ reaction was positive, with one saying she’d like to do the same and another praising the idea as a cool trick.

    7. Mix the soap residue

    When the bar of soap comes to an end, we often throw away the leftovers. However, one person admitted that they salvage it and turn it into a larger bar of soap for reuse.

    This idea was well received and one person suggested buying drawstring bags of exfoliating soap, which saves waste of soap residue because you just have to put it in there.

    8. Wash your disposable kitchen utensils

    Many disposable items are used in kitchens, but some can be reused. For example, one person said they wash and reuse foil and zipper bags if they aren’t torn or damaged.

    A few other people said they do the same, and one said that guests often comment that it’s weird to see zip bags hanging out to dry. But don’t let that stop you!

    9. Don’t pay for bridesmaid makeup

    Traditionally, bridesmaids have their makeup professionally done on their girlfriends’ wedding day. However, one woman posted in the thread that she was totally capable of doing her makeup correctly, so she saved herself €300 by doing it herself.

    Netizens threw their support behind the woman, with some saying they hated the way professional makeup artists beautified their clients. However, the author of the original article said that her fellow bridesmaids looked down on her on the wedding day, and no one needs friends like that.

    10. They cut their own hair

    Another replied that she saves money by cutting her hair and has been doing it for years. The cut isn’t fancy, they admit, but it looks good and you don’t have to worry about salon culture and prices.

    One of them agrees with this statement and explains that her husband always hated going to the hairdresser, so he had been cutting his hair at home for years. However, another explained that her hair was very thick and unmanageable, so it wasn’t possible to cut it yourself.

    11. Collect leftover candle wax

    Similar to the previous idea of ​​combining leftover soap, one woman explained that she keeps leftover wax from candles and makes a new candle out of it once a year.

    There weren’t many responses, but one netizen said how much he liked the idea and explained that he puts boiling water in the scented candles after they’re done. When it comes to the rooftop, they cook it and use it in a candle burner. This preserves the fragrance for years and avoids buying other candles.

    12. Put the water in the cereal

    One person admitted to putting water in their cereal instead of milk, and advised others not to be suspicious until they tried it.

    They also didn’t ask anyone to pick it up, and no one did, but another suggested that the green tea in the pills is very good. What is this ?

    13. Unplug electrical appliances

    It’s common for people to turn electrical appliances off when not in use, but someone in the thread responded that they turn them off completely unless they’re in use.

    Another person explained the significant impact this practice had on his energy bills. According to him, the only appliances that are still plugged in are the refrigerator, oven and microwave. Everything else, such as TVs, lights, and computers, is disconnected unless needed.

    14. Collecting discarded baked goods

    At the end of each day, most bakeries throw out bags full of unsealed baked goods. The bags are closed and there is nothing abnormal in their content. One admitted to going to his local bakery at the end of each day to see what he could salvage, stating that the local brioche buns are “awesome”.

    There were no responses, but it’s a great idea. Not only will you save money, but you will also reduce waste.

    15. Grow your own herbs

    Producing herbs for yourself is a great idea. Someone who posted that he was growing his own herbs said he can keep things like basil alive when he doesn’t have a green thumb.

    Surprisingly, no one reacted, but what could be better than seasoning your dishes with a product of your own creation? Saving money while doing this is, of course, a huge plus.

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