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How to make money with ChatGPT in 2023 ( 13 ways)


One of the hottest topics on the net right now is how to make money with ChatGPT. Our article discusses 13 easy ways to use the AI tool to earn money. And we’ll provide you with some practical examples of what to do to get what you want from AI.

Open AI, co-founded by Elon Musk and led by CEO Sam Altman, created ChatGPT based on GPT-3.5, or “generative pre- transformer” technology.

The AI chatbot is remarkably capable of engaging in real conversations and responding with amazingly human-like texts.

ChatGPT is exciting and opens up endless possibilities for how we interact with technology.


Our list of how to make money with ChatGPT

A large language model can predict the next word and generate written content.

ChatGPT learns to follow instructions and provide appropriate responses to humans using RLHF (Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback) technology. RLHF is a fantastic additional training layer.

Keep in mind the importance of writing clear and detailed prompts when using ChatGPT. It’s not so much about training the AI robot. Rather, you need to train yourself on what you should ask him to do, how to formulate your requests, the level of detail you should provide, etc.

You will need to carefully review what ChatGPT writes and then review the instructions you gave it. Keep adding or changing until you get the right answer.

ChatGPT is a very powerful and far-reaching AI system, but some of the information it generates may be inaccurate. Modify everything it produces and check the facts.

1. Create videos using ChatGPT

You can combine ChatGPT with other technologies to create videos that you can sell to earn money. Use these programs together in a smart way to make excellent videos.

Below are some examples of these technologies.

Pictory, Murf, Speechify, etc. use AI technology to automatically transform long-form text and video content into short videos. Short videos are perfect for social sharing, product recommendations, explainer videos, product demos, or other marketing videos. And ChatGPT is the perfect tool to create the right scripts or video instructions.

Once you’ve created your video, you need a voiceover. ChatGPT can create voiceover scripts. And text-to-speech technologies can turn them into voiceovers as you wish.

How to make money online with ChatGPT You could use ChatGPT to generate scripts or instructions for creating visuals for videos and professional-sounding voice-over scripts.

Below is a sample voiceover and video script that was generated in seconds. Adding more detailed instructions will yield the best results. You can also add the keywords you will need for SEO.

Once you’ve created your video, you need a voiceover. ChatGPT can create voiceover scripts. And text-to-speech technologies can turn them into voiceovers as you wish.

How to make money online with ChatGPT You could use ChatGPT to generate scripts or instructions for creating visuals for videos and professional-sounding voice-over scripts.

Below is a sample voiceover and video script that was generated in seconds. Adding more detailed instructions will yield the best results. You can also add the keywords you will need for SEO.

Video production is still requested; people generally prefer to watch rather than read.

2. Update video descriptions

YouTube gives us around 5000 characters, or around 500 words, for video descriptions. It’s usually the first 150 characters that show up in search results. This is the part that has the most impact on what audiences do, and YouTube ranks it for SEO purposes.

Copy and paste your existing video description into ChatGPT’s prompt, and have it rewrite it. Make sure ChatGPT uses the simplest language possible, writes no more than 150 characters, and includes the subject of the video from an SEO perspective.

YouTube’s default sorting algorithm is based on relevance. So the more relevant you can make the title of the search query, the more likely it is to show up in a search.

Once you get used to ChatGPT’s instructions for updating YouTube video descriptions, it can almost become your virtual assistant. You can offer your services as a description updater and SEO optimization specialist.

Remember that there are billions of videos on YouTube; if you market your services well, you should get a lot of work.

3. Offer copywriting services

Copywriting can be tedious, especially if you have to do it day in and day out. I find ChatGPT helps me find inspiration or overcome writer’s block. A content creator who writes persuasive and effective copy that will convert often needs a boost or a new direction.

You can have ChatGPT write using specific copywriting frameworks like PAS, AIDA, and BAB. For example, use prompts such as:

Generate a PAS (problem, agitate, solve) for this written content.

Write a BAB (before, after, and bridge) on this subject.

Create an AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) for this article.

Ask the AI to rewrite until you get something close to what you can use. You can then offer professional copywriting services, whether for website texts, product descriptions, or advertising texts.

By using ChatGPT to assist you, you can generate texts much faster.

4. Write and self-publish e-books

Trying to get ChatGPT to write a full fictional novel is a time-consuming process. You have to work with the AI to get what you want and keep refining your prompts. Below is an example of a standard romance novel.

Romance novels sell very well and are quite formal. Once you get used to formulas and know which person in the novel is the hero, you can quickly write and sell romance novels.

Continue with ChatGPT. If you’re persistent, willing to do the work it can’t, and patient, ChatGPT may be the answer to making money faster writing E-books.

5. Offer translation services

Translating a language seems simple, but it is much more complex than it seems. To successfully translate a text, you need to consider cultural intricacies, technical words, purpose, audience, etc.

Because ChatGPT is a machine-learning model, you can train it to translate all the intricacies of languages. But that would cost a fortune and take time.

The fastest way to make money providing translation services is to offer the simplest form of translation. The standard translation does not need idioms or cultural differences in the text. So you can use ChatGPT to translate manuals, training materials and product descriptions, which represent huge opportunities.

For example, if you want to test the capabilities of ChatGPT, choose a paragraph that is easy to verify. In the example below, a paragraph from the standard translation written in French is translated into English.

To check the accuracy of the translation, you can check with Google Translate or ask ChatGPT to translate the generated text back to English and compare the two.

If you look at the example below, the comparison was perfect, with only one word different from the original. This means that you could do standard translations without knowing the languages at all.

6. Generate company names and slogans.

It is relatively easy to generate business names and taglines using ChatGPT.

You can ask the AI model to give you details about what you want, who the name and tagline are for, location, financial demographics, and more. and it will generate suggestions based on its training data.

For example, ask him to generate ten company names and slogans for a new shoe store in Paris.

It only takes a few seconds and allows you to generate about ten suggestions. Test them first on Google to see if there is anything similar.

Then, look for variations on social media platforms to see if they’re not already taken. And you can do a national brand search online for free or search by region.

Fiverr is the best place to sell business names and slogans; finding something fresh and new with ChatGPT could help you earn money.

7. Use ChatGPT to write code for simple web tools.

ChatGPT can do more than generate text that looks like human text. You can use it to design web tools for your website.

For example, if you need a calculator that your sales team can use to calculate commissions, ChatGPT can create one for you. And if your commission rates change, it takes very little time to change them without paying someone to do it.

8. Blogging

As we all know by now, clear and detailed instructions are needed for ChatGPT to produce quality content that is more likely to be highly original or take a certain point of view.

You will need to include the angle you want the article to take and any relevant background information.

However, you must make the blog your own, with your unique voice and point of view. Here you can put Originality.ai to good use by checking the percentage of AI text and plagiarism.

9. Rewrite blog posts and blog post titles.

This task is a bit easier since you’re not asking the AI to write new content for you; you’re just updating existing blog post content to increase traffic.

You will need to do some SEO research and decide which keywords to include. Copy and paste, and let ChatGPT do the work for you.

As usual, you won’t get a perfect result, but it can save you a lot of time, especially if you need to rewrite or update multiple blog posts. Updating blog posts is essential and should be done often, so offering your services to do so can be very lucrative.

10. Write content for social media.

Social media posts are where ChatGPT is really impressive.

Short tweets, Instagram captions, long LinkedIn articles and posts, TikTok replies, retweets, comments, and scripts, Facebook Messenger, and YouTube shorts are all examples of social media content writing. The shorter the post, the better the result, and it’s so fast!

Below is an example from a recent LinkedIn post showing how much detail was needed in the query. And you will have to keep adding and revising.

11. Create a course and sell it on e-learning platforms.

Create a course using ChatGPT and video-generation platforms and sell it on platforms like Udemy and Skillshare.

ChatGPT is ideal for structuring your courses. It generates lesson plans and advertising texts for you to promote your course. Use Synthesia to create multimedia content to make the course more engaging.

Below is a sample ChatGPT lesson plan for a 4-week course (two hours per day) on coding.

12. Write CVs and bios

Looking for a job can be exhausting. Just the preparation you need to do before applying can feel like a full-time job. You may need:

Optimize and update your LinkedIn and other social media profiles.

Update your CV.

Edit your resume and short bio for each job you apply for.

Use ChatGPT to write your CVs, biographies, and cover letters and sell your services as an expert.

13. Offer travel itinerary planning services.

ChatGPT is ideal for route planning due to its extensive knowledge of nations, cultures, and the general geography of the world. Based on your chat entries, ChatGPT can create and improve a route with an easy level of interaction.

You can use the result as a starting point and add current logistics and price data. The results are exceptional and almost ready for use. It’s a great way to use ChatGPT to earn money by planning travel routes.

Conclusion: How to make money with ChatGPT

Our article only scratched the surface of ways to make money with ChatGPT. The possibilities are endless, and you can get creative with how you use it.

As always, new technologies can be frightening for many people. The first thing to worry about is: Will the AI take my job?

In some areas, yes, it will, like any new machine that can outrun humans. However, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities and paves the way for new job descriptions. For example, rapid engineering is already a highly in-demand skill set.

ChatGPT is far from perfect, and what it generates often requires more editing and input than it’s worth, but it gets there, and you can already make money with it.

Finally, although it is free to use for now, very soon it will be monetized and expensive to use; after all, its development cost billions.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft Corp. (an early investor in startup OpenAI) intends to integrate ChatGPT and other AI capabilities into its products and make them accessible as platforms that other companies can build on.

So strike now while the iron is hot!

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