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Anyone can EARN money working from home as an online forum moderator.

Many of the websites, games, social apps and online stores we frequent have user communities.

These often use a discussion forum or a chat function to allow users to communicate and contact customer service .

If you’ve wondered how these discussions seem to stay relatively civilized, the answer is simple: moderators


What is a chat or forum moderator?

They are the people who stay behind the scenes in online communities, providing users with a safe way to solve problems, as well as controlling the most offensive communications. They can remove content, ban users, or simply answer questions if needed.

What is the salary for this job?

Pay can range from minimum wage to €15-17 per hour. The pay structure is similar to that of home-based customer service telephone representative jobs.

Some jobs are paid for as long as you watch the forums, while others only pay you when you answer questions in a queue (meaning you can be away from the community for up to what you are called).

How do I find a job as a moderator?

Finding a job as a moderator can sometimes be as simple as applying on a job board, or being part of an active online community until you’ve earned a respected place there and can ask a remuneration.

Often, you can research the communities you’re part of and see if they have any openings in their “Careers” tab.

Sites that seem to frequently hire moderators or chat reps are Commentcamarche and Jeuxvideo .

What skills or equipment are required?

A good chat or forum moderator should have excellent interpersonal skills, be able to spell and communicate well in writing, be proficient with a computer, and be able to sit still for long periods of time, often staring at threads of messages until his help is needed.

Most job postings outline technical requirements, but the majority require you to have your own desktop or laptop computer with a high-speed cable or DSL Internet connection.

What does a day in the life of a moderator look like? It can vary, but according to Melodie Dennis, there are pros and cons.

Disadvantages of being a moderator

It can be difficult to maintain control of your emotions when dealing with difficult people. “You have to put your personal opinions aside. There are so many times where my political opinions or my views are overridden by the need to moderate and maintain a peaceful discussion,” Ms. Dennis says.

Your privacy is also not guaranteed. Dennis says your personal information can be found, especially by avid chatters who don’t like you or your policies.

Benefits of being a moderator

One of the main advantages of this job is that you can work from home and the hours are often very flexible. This makes it an ideal option for students or stay-at-home parents, especially since the work environment doesn’t need to be quiet.

If you like having power, this job is for you. According to Ms. Dennis, it certainly attracts a positive person who knows how to keep a level head, but it rewards you in the sense that you are in control. Some people thrive on this kind of control.

There is also often a strong sense of community in most online forums, and this camaraderie can grow with time and involvement, especially as a moderator.

People who regularly chat on major sites recognize you and know your story; If you’re the type of person who makes friends online easily, this could be a very rewarding job for you!

Will you consider a job as a moderator? Why or why not ?

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